Me and the Sea

I have always had an affinity to the sea and whilst sat down the seafront this post came to me, all be it short one. I truly do love being by the sea, seeing the different states, so vast and ever changing. I feel like the sea can be used to embody my feelings, particularly the influence … Continue reading Me and the Sea


Recommendation: Motivational Tattoo

  I discovered Motivational Tattoo at Christmas when looking for a secret santa gift with a self care theme and I fell in love! I ended up getting them for my secret santa, a friend and myself (how could I not!). They have become a great addition to my self-care kit and really have helped me when … Continue reading Recommendation: Motivational Tattoo

Christmas and my Mental Health – why I love it!

It's that time of year, Christmas is nearly upon us and all the mental health charities are promoting how to get through Christmas if you struggle with your mental health. Now I struggle with depression and anxiety but contrary to the popular stereotypes, I ❤LOVE❤ and really enjoy Christmas, it's actually probably my favourite time of year … Continue reading Christmas and my Mental Health – why I love it!