It’s okay to… ask for Help!

It’s my blogs 2nd Birthday and another World Mental Health Day, woop woop! 😊 I’ve chosen an important topic for my post today, asking for help!!

When you struggle with mental ill health, it’s amazing how hard it can be to actually ask for help. If you’re struggling why wouldn’t you ask for help, you may ask? If you broke a bone you would go to the hospital and get help, if you have a toothache you would go to the dentist, so why not for your mental health?!

Well here’s a few reasons we might not…

  • Feel isolated and like no one will understand
  • Ashamed and feel weak
  • Not want to admit that something is wrong
  • Think others will judge you
  • Worry it will have consequences at work/school
  • Don’t want family and friends to worry about you

When I first asked for help with my mental ill health, it was after months of struggle and emotional turmoil, beating myself up. When I relapsed the second time, I only sought help after months of denial, with what started as project anxiety had then tumbled into a debilitating depression. Even now, after more than two years of sharing my experiences of struggling with my mental health, I can still find it hard.

One thing I can say, is that the majority of time (unfortunately not all of the time) the reception I received when I did seek help was positive. I was able to get support, sort through my feelings and learn coping strategies. I’ve strengthened relationships and made new ones and taken opportunities and had experiences I might not have had otherwise!

I’m glad I did eventually ask for help each time and hopefully it will get even easier in the future but it isn’t always. That’s why Time to Change recently launched their #AskTwice campaign and I love it!

It’s so easy when someone asks if you’re okay to just say yes even when you’re not. I’ve certainly been guilty of doing this. But when someone asks you a second time, it’s often much easier to say how you’re actually feeling. You’re also more likely to feel like they really care.

So this World Mental Health Day and all those following remember #AskTwice !

And until my next post remember, It’s okay! 😊


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