It’s okay to…Go a little Crazy!

There are so many stereotypes out there when it comes to Mental Health Problems and Mental Illness, one of the biggest being that you are crazy! Synonymous with the person in a straight jacket, rocking in the corner, talking to themselves, someone that can’t control themselves, is ‘mad’, dangerous and unpredictable.

The word ‘Crazy’ is defined as mad, insane, to be out of one’s mind, especially manifested in wild/aggressive behaviour (Oxford English Dictionary).

It’s one of the things I have often thought to myself. “I can’t tell them how I feel, they’ll think I’m crazy”, “What’s wrong with me, I’m not normal, I’m being/going crazy”.

For those of us that struggle with our mental health it can be easy to drive yourself crazy with self imposed stigma, never mind that from others and society. And to be honest is it any wonder? Things/chemicals/thoughts/processes in our brains aren’t working properly. It can be exhausting and so hard to keep going, especially when half of the time your hiding how you really feel.

For me, I have actually come to take ownership of the word crazy at times when I need to and to just ‘go crazy!’ Sometimes I just need to give myself a chance to let it all out, scream, thrash it out and just get out of my head and let out the pent up frustration. One of my favourite songs to listen to when I feel the need to do this is Bebe Rexha “I’m gonna show you crazy” (the acoustic version is great too!)

Equally ‘going crazy’ can be a positive thing, after all it also means ‘enthusiastic’. It can be just as therapeutic for me to ‘go crazy’ and dance around without a care, laugh uncontrollable and just let loose, often while listening to Prince “Let’s Go Crazy”. You may have guessed by now listening to music is one of favourite coping methods 😊🎧

And if nothing else, just remember this famous quote from Alice in Wonderland.


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