1 year blogaversary & World Mental Health Day 2017

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†Today marks the 1 year anniversary of It’s Okay Right? Right! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. The last 12 months have had their ups and downs with my mental health but I’ve been able to work through it. I have to thank Time to Change for givimg me the confidence and skills to share my story! Through my blogging I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people. This includes a long list of other bloggers who I’m so glad I’ve met and talk to people about my experiences that I probably wouldn’t have before. The support of the online mental health and blogging community has been great and really helped me feel even more comfortable and confident when sharing my experiences. I hope that those of you that have read my posts over the last year have liked it as much as I have liked writing it and here’s to many more posts to come! 

Today is also World Mental Health Day and the theme is mental health in the workplace and so I wanted to share some of my tips for managing your mental health and work. 

I work a full time job and stress from work can be a trigger for me. Equally if I’m struggling with my mental health, be it depression or anxiety, can affect my work. I’m lucky and my employers are really supportive and have even helped me put together a Wellbeing Plan to use.

Here are some of the general things I try to remember to do that help:

Have a Work/Life balance – don’t let work take over, we all need a balance of things that are necessary, gives us a sense of acheivment and pleasure. 

Don’t overwork – take your lunch break (away from your desk!) and finish on time where possible. 

Plan & Organise! – having a to do list and priortising can help ease and avoid stress, plus ticking items off gives you a nice sense of achievement.

Keep active – If you sit at a desk get up for little wander around the office. There’s also lots of stretches etc you can do without leaving your desk, just google it!

Keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy snacks – have a water bottle and snacks like fruit and nuts on hand.

Take a break if you need to – This may be just a brief 15 minute breather or a day of sick if you’re struggling. Taking time off for mental illness is just as important as physical illness

Talk! – last but not least, if you feel you can, talk to your manager and/or colleagues. Having someone at work know what you’re going through can be so helpful.
You can also get your employer to sign the pledge with Time to Change and/or with an organisation like Mindful Employer.

Thank you all for a great first year and as always remember, it’s okay! 😊


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