Me and the Sea

pablo (15)

I have always had an affinity to the sea and whilst sat down the seafront this post came to me, all be it short one. I truly do love being by the sea, seeing the different states, so vast and ever changing.

I feel like the sea can be used to embody my feelings, particularly the influence of my mental health. When everything is good it can be calm, serene, relaxing – I love watching the waves lap gently in and out and it can really help me feel at peace and I can be a pretty chilled person. In contrast it can be stormy, full of crashing waves, just like my mind when anxiety and depression take over. I just have to weather it out and keep on fighting until the storm passes.

Of course there are so many other states in between, the almost excitable waves with their froth bringing opportunities for new adventure or pulling the sands in and out, sometimes unearthing new things that have been stuck underneath. You have the shallow waters that are easy to paddle in and see through and then the deep waters with so much more that we can’t see or understand. I am constantly discovering new things about myself and revealing more to others but there is still so much deep down that others don’t know and I don’t even understand.



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