Recommendation: Motivational Tattoo


I discovered Motivational Tattoo at Christmas when looking for a secret santa gift with a self care theme and I fell in love! I ended up getting them for my secret santa, a friend and myself (how could I not!). They have become a great addition to my self-care kit and really have helped me when I’ve been struggling.

They’re really easy to put on as already cut out separately. I find they can last up to 5 days, as long as you don’t get too wet and come off easily with soap and water.

My favourite pack is the pastel set with motivational phrases like ‘You are worth it’, ‘Believe in yourself’, ‘Love yourself’, ‘Treat yourself’ and ‘You are cute’ on cute pastel pattered plasters (N.B Diamond in picture bought separately). They also have Cute, Rider and Original packs with equally awesome phrases and make lovely pin badges for something more permanent.

Plus who couldn’t love this shop policy:

All of your purchases are hand made in London, England, with love, like a gift, from us, to you. Our goal is to inspire a movement, and create a network of support, and recognition around this project, whilst supporting Mental Health charities, and helping to stop the stigma of mental illness. Whenever your friends and family see you wearing these, they will know that you need extra care and support that day. Because mental health is important. Self-care is important. And you are so important. πŸ’—

To find out more and maybe even get some for yourself or a friend check out their Etsy shop here.


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